What’s This Little Plastic Device We Call a Miniscope?

EyeQue is all about creating new exciting directions in vision technology for consumers and eye care professionals all around the world. We are proud to announce our first product, the EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker.

The Personal Vision Tracker (PVT) is based on the simplest possible concept and implementation we could think of. Could we build a precise, yet easy to use device, that works as well as expensive auto-refractors yet at a tiny fraction of the cost? With today’s high resolution smartphone screens using displays that contain 400 or more pixels per inch, it should be possible to make very precise measurements of the refractive error of the human eye, to fractions of a millimeter, corresponding to an accuracy of 0.25 Diopters or better.


The team of EyeQue engineers came up with the EyeQue miniscopeTM, a small plastic device that weighs less than an ounce and attaches to your smart phone screen simply using micro-suction tape. We built a powerful smart phone app, myEyeQueTM, that when used with the miniscope lets you measure the refraction correction needed for your eyes. That is we provide the numbers that are used for making custom eyeglasses. Just imagine the possibilities for helping people, especially on a global scale for those who don’t have good access to professional eye care! 

The PVT is fun, accurate, and easy to use and allows people to monitor their vision, learn about how their eyes work, and opens interesting possibilities related to vision tracking.

Give it a try if you like by becoming a beta tester. We are eager to get feedback to make the Personal Vision Tracker even better, as we are working to continually improve the technical performance and usability of this small but powerful system.