Is that Love in Your Eyes?

With Valentine’s day just around the corner, we thought we’d take a look at the effect of love on our eyes.

There are many common expressions that imply a relationship between love and vision, like “love at first sight,” “rose-colored glasses,” or to wear “love goggles.”

Likewise, poets, artists, and philosophers have often illustrated an emotional viewpoint through the literal eye.



While it has long been suggested that the “eyes are the window to our souls” they may in fact be the window to our brains. More precisely, our eyes may open that window larger when we see things we like and stay more narrowly opened when we see things we don’t like. 

A study conducted in Toronto asked people to describe details about the images they were shown. The participants were consistently able to provide more accurate and more detailed information about pictures that elicited positive emotions as compared to those that were perceived as negative. 

Other studies have been conducted to assess the relationship between pupil dilation and emotions. Findings suggest that our pupils enlarge or constrict based on a variety of emotionally-charged conditions including sexual interest and in fact, our pupils react much faster than another physical reaction, such as pressing a button.

Based on research conducted around the globe, we know now that our eyes, do respond to our emotions and in fact, accurately and quickly pinpoint our thoughts.

So, as your Valentine gazes into your eyes, you may not need to say a thing, for your eyes are opening the window.

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Happy Valentine’s!