EyeQue App Update: Everything You Need To Know

EyeQue is releasing a new app update for both iOS and Android. We are excited to share the updates and additional functions with you—Take a look!

1. The lines for the tests are now thicker and easier to see

The most common feedback we receive from new users is that during their first test, it is difficult to see both lines at once. So, we’ve substantially increased the thickness of the lines to improve visibility and usability.

Screenshot 2017-12-04 11.05.43

2. We’ve added a new “Practice” option to replace the “Quick Test”

The “Practice” option gives users a step-by-step tutorial on how to use the Personal Vision Tracker and get the best results possible. The “Practice” also test allows users to practice overlapping the red and green lines with the + and – buttons on the display before attaching and looking through the EyeQue miniscope. After 3 practice overlaps, the user is instructed to attach the EyeQue miniscope on the smartphone to complete 3 tests on each eye.

Screenshot 2017-12-04 11.07.43

Screenshot 2017-12-04 11.12.04


3. More intuitive data charts on your dashboard


The updated dashboard contains the number of vision tests taken within 6 months, your EyeGlass Numbers (EGN) if you’ve taken 3 or more tests, and a vision chart that shows your individual test results.

  • The right side of the chart represents your right eye, the left side represents your left eye.
  • The vertical axis represents the sphere, the horizontal axis represents the magnitude of your astigmatism.
  • Your EyeGlass Numbers will appear when you tap on the light blue dots, each representing a test result.
  • There is a blue ring around your cumulative EyeGlass Numbers which will be indicated at the top of the dashboard. These EyeGlass Numbers can be used to order new glasses.

Updated Vision Summary: Gives the Confidence Level associa

ted with the EGN. Values are High, Good, Fair, and Poor. We recommend ordering glasses with High Confidence Level results.

4. New voice over on test instructions

We’ve enhanced the voice instructions to be more clear and concise voice prompts. If it’s your first time testing, be sure to turn your volume up!

5. Some best practices and tips

  • Keep your resting eye open and look at something at least 6 feet
  • Hold smartphone parallel to your face, tilting will make testing more difficult and cause incorrect readings for astigmatism
  • Hold the plus (+) or minus (-) buttons for a “long press” effect to move the lines faster

Visit: Simple Tips to Make Test Taking Easier for more information.

Visit: What’s New In the myEyeQue App Version 1.4 for more information on the app update!

Update your app here:

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