Dr. Caputo Explains the Future of Telemedicine and Optometry

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Dr. Caputo

In our dynamic digital era, we are experiencing the unprecedented development of innovative digital health devices focused on the personalization of healthcare.  The eye care industry is no exception.  Optometrists are accustomed to adapting to very rapid technological advances and are often the first to adopt new diagnostic devices to better serve their patients.  Next time you have an appointment at your optometrist’s office keep an eye out for these new innovative technologies connecting you with your eye doctor.

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Some optometry practices are offering refraction services using a device by SmartVisionLabs.  This compact and portable smartphone based autorefractor delivers an objective refraction in record time allowing optical staff to service your eyeglass needs on the spot.  Practices are using this technology to improve the patient experience and reduce the time it takes for a comprehensive eye exam.


Another device you will soon see in eye care offices is the EyeQue Insight by EyeQue.  The Insight is a visual acuity screener that is fast and easy to use.  With the increase in nearsightedness starting at younger ages, optometrists now can monitor your child’s vision with the Insight in-between regular eye exams and remotely track vision changes. To obtain more information visit:  https://www.eyeque.com/insight


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Until recently, most ODs relied on expensive, in office retinal cameras to document their ocular health observations.  Now, not only has technology driven down the cost significantly but also made retinal photography portable.  The D-EYE is one example of an inexpensive, smartphone-based device for imaging the retina.  The D-EYE captures photos of the optic nerve and macula without dilating drops and broader views under dilation.  Among the many benefits, the device makes examining children and infants easier.

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If your child has amblyopia, strabismus or convergence insufficiency there is a new virtual reality device that can be used in an optometry office or prescribed for home use.  Vivid Vision has only been available for about 2 years with more and more optometry offices making this treatment available to their patients.  To find out if there is an office near you using Vivid Vision Clinical or Vivid Vision Home check out their website at https://www.seevividly.com/.


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