EyeQue Ships Insight to Bring Vision Health Measurement to Every Home and School

“Thermometer for eyesight” gives parents, schools, health professionals and elderly caregivers an easy-to-use device and mobile app to measure eyesight acuity.

NEWARK, Calif. – March 21, 2018EyeQue™, the leaders in award winning, affordable at-home vision health devices, today announced the general availability and shipping of the EyeQue Insight™ visual acuity screener, the accurate, fast and fun method to test clarity of distance vision in the home, school or anywhere on the go. The EyeQue Insight is the world’s first gamified 20/20 screener, combining a binocular viewer, mobile application and cloud-based service into a “virtualized eye chart exam” for ongoing measurement of changes in vision. The EyeQue Insight is available now with mobile apps for both iOS and Android phones.

Home health testing, measurement and tracking has exploded over the past decade as consumers take more and more control over their personal wellness. From glycemic levels and activity tracking, to personal DNA analysis, people everywhere are more engaged than ever in the concept of the “quantified self.” Vision health, however, remains an area of wellness stuck in the 20th Century. Hundreds of millions of people, both young and old, in the U.S. and around the globe don’t have access to proper care, don’t realize that themselves or their loved ones are suffering from deteriorating eyesight or may not have time to visit the optometrist. With more and more children spending time indoors and looking at close-up electronic devices, up to four in 10 children from ages six to 18 are experiencing a rapid onset of nearsightedness or myopia.

“It is alarming to see the global rise in myopia due in large part to widespread adoption of electronic devices and spending too much time indoors, particularly among children,” said EyeQue Optometry Advisor, Careen Caputo, O.D., MPH. “Sunlight helps develop normal eyesight and the unfortunate reality is that too many children are sitting inside playing with electronic devices and focusing on devices too close to their eyes instead of running around outdoors. My hope is that the EyeQue Insight will help parents, doctors and schools measure eyesight on a more frequent basis so that we can diagnose and mitigate the onset of nearsightedness more broadly.”

The EyeQue Insight is designed to easily and accurately measure eyesight in children, adults and the elderly, while increasing awareness and education around myopia and other conditions that impact eyesight acuity. The smartphone-connected device and mobile app bring easy-to-use and convenient personal testing – powered by a fun device and mobile app – to every home, school and mobile-health clinic. Low-cost, durable, and convenient, the Insight is ideal for families, school administrators, group organizations and charities, with support for 20/20, 6/6 and other international and standardized measurement units.

“It’s our global mission to elevate vision health and we are dedicated to inspiring people around the world to learn about and care for their eyes,” said John Serri, co-founder and CTO/COO of EyeQue. “The shipping of EyeQue Insight is a major milestone for the company, reflecting years of rigorous testing and research. We have put a tremendous effort behind our acuity vision screener, allowing children and adults to determine the sharpness of vision with an affordable and accurate vision test.”

The EyeQue Insight:

  • Screens vision for 20/20 to 20/400 in under 3 minutes, providing exact measures of single and dual eye performance
  • Creates a digital vision history– where a change indicates that a doctor’s visit would be advised
  • Tests the accuracy of current glasses or contacts, indicating when an updated prescription may be required
  • Instantly records and securely stores results, making data available to share with others
  • One EyeQue Insight can be shared with many, making it a value for families and suitable for testing large groups

The EyeQue Insight is now available for purchase and immediate shipping in the U.S. and worldwide on Amazon, Indiegogo and on the EyeQue web site. The device costs $129.99, including one year of subscription to the cloud-based EyeQue vision health tracking service for the first user. Each additional user requires an annual subscription of $4.99.

Watch the video and learn more at eyeque.com/insight.

About EyeQue

EyeQue™ is on a global mission to elevate eye care. The Company is dedicated to inspiring people to learn about and care for their eyes by putting affordable, accurate vision tests directly into their hands. Based on patented technologies, EyeQue’s intelligent vision solutions allow people anywhere to self-administer vision tests using an optical smartphone attachment, mobile application, and a secure cloud-based service. The Company innovates from its Silicon Valley headquarters.

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Contact: Natalie Colli

InkHouse PR for EyeQue