Finding the Middle Ground with Ocular Telehealth


April, 2018 

Online vision testing is one of the most contentious aspects of ocular health. Consumer advocates argue that it will expand access to vision care, while opponents, primarily state and national optometric associations, contend that online testing may cause consumers to forgo a comprehensive eye exam, and that nothing can replace a comprehensive exam, including a refraction, that is performed in-office.

EyeQue Insight, a handheld device that is advertised as a “thermometer for eyesight.” Introduced into the market last month by the EyeQue company, Insight combines an acuity vision screener with a mobile app. The device, which is being sold direct to consumers for $129, lets users see when a change in vision indicates that a doctor’s visit would be advised. Test results can be uploaded to the cloud and forwarded to the patient’s doctor to be included in their medical record. Among its uses, Insight serves as a visual screening device, allowing parents, doctors and schools to detect early onset myopia.

By Andrew Karp, 20/20 Magazine

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