What Your Eyewear Says About You

Most people have heard some sort of stereotype about people who wear glasses… But did you know actual scientific studies have been conducted to learn how people feel about specs-wearers? Here’s what people may be thinking about you when they see your frames:

What your eyewear says about you_smart

“I bet he is super smart.”

This may not come as a surprise to you, but research has indicated that people associate eyeglasses with higher levels of intelligence. Consequently, a surprising amount of people decide to wear glasses for job interviews.

What your eyewear says about you_successful

“She must be pretty successful.”

Another 2011 study, along with a more recent 2015 study, found that those who wear glasses are largely assumed to be more successful and of a higher social class than non-wearers. This perception may be a result of people believing you look smarter when you wear glasses—if you’re smart, you’re probably successful too, right?

What your eyewear says about you_trustworthy

“Oh, I can probably trust him.”

People also think individuals who wear spectacles look significantly more trustworthy than those with bare faces. Additionally, eyeglasses make their wearers look less threatening… Some believe this is why the Nazi regime didn’t allow photos of Hitler wearing his prescription glasses to surface publicly!

What your eyewear says about you_artsy

“She looks so artsy…daring…flirty…bold…”

Through the decades, the styles of eyeglasses have evolved to reflect the heroes of the day.

In the 1920s, glasses were small, round, and “pinched” the bridge of your nose—hence their nickname, “nose pinchers.” This style mimicked the look of opera glasses, when high-class theatre was all the rage.

What your eyewear says about you_Aviator

Through the late 20’s and 30’s, glasses became much bigger to look similar to the big flight goggles worn by revolutionary pilots like Amelia Earhart.

What your eyewear says about you_art deco

In the 40’s through the 70’s, showy movie stars like Marilyn Monroe popularized the shape of cat eye glasses, embellishments like pearls and rhinestones, and colored lenses.

What your eyewear says about you_Retro

The 80’s and 90’s saw a resurgence of “retro” glasses, especially with reflective aviators.

What your eyewear says about you_more choices

Since the 2000’s, glasses don’t have many rules anymore! You have your pick of shapes, sizes, and materials to match your personality.

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