What Are Eyeglasses Made From?

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Even though we refer to the lenses which are perched on our noses as ‘eyeglasses,’ the material used to make these lenses may not actually include glass! In fact, there are several materials eyeglasses wearers can choose from when selecting their new set of specs. Here are some of the most common materials to consider:

Glass — In the past, traditional glass lenses were very susceptible to shattering and scratching. While modern glass lenses are now more resistant to these types of damage, they are heavier than lenses made of new, lighter materials.

Polycarbonate — One form of plastic called polycarbonate is much lighter than glass, and more resistant to scratches. These benefits lead many ophthalmologists to recommend this material for children’s glasses and sports eyewear.


Trivex — Trivex is even lighter and stronger than polycarbonate, plus it allows for clearer vision and less distortion for many wearers. Additionally, this material helps protect your eyes from the sun by blocking both UVA and UVB rays.

Standard Plastic — Standard plastic is a popular option for people who want a lighter, more durable lens material than glass, but need a cost-effective option than composite materials such as polycarbonate and Trivex. You can also opt for Mid-Index Plastic and High-Index Plastic, which are progressively thinner and more lightweight than standard plastic, but still less expensive than composite materials. High-index plastic is generally used by people who have stronger prescriptions but want more options for their frames which thicker standard plastic would not accommodate.

High-Definition — These lenses are sometimes known as HD or digital lenses and are often considered the biggest improvement of the century for eyewear. These lenses are digitally customized for your exact prescription needs, and wearers report being able to adjust faster to the lenses and see a wider field of vision than with previous materials they have tried.

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