EyeQue Insight Visual Acuity Screener: A Medgadget Review

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July 18, 2018 

Every year, our “screen time” continues to increase as our gadgets get bigger and brighter. According to the Vision Council, our digital devices are causing 60.5% of Americans to report symptoms of digital eye strain, and it’s uncertain how these devices will affect our vision long-term. Aside from taking frequent breaks from our devices, reducing screen glare, and adjusting the distance between our eyes and the screen, it’s also important to frequently monitor for changes in our vision. While regular exams by an eye care professional are absolutely necessary, Newark, California-based EyeQue has developed a couple smartphone-based devices that can be used to monitor your vision in between professional eye exams. We reviewed the first device, the Personal Vision Tracker, a couple months ago, and EyeQue was kind enough to let us take a look (no pun intended) at their newest device, the Insight visual acuity screener.

By Scott Jung, MedGadget

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