How Technology is Breaking Down Barriers to Healthcare Access


Going to the doctor for any reason can be extremely inconvenient, costly, and stressful,
especially when you have to navigate your health insurance company’s restrictions at the sametime. The digital revolution is bringing new online tests directly to consumers from wherever theyare, and these innovations are changing the way we approach healthcare. Here are some of theinnovations we’re most excited about:

Genetic Ancestry Tests — Several companies now offer affordable ancestry tests which you can complete at home. Most require you to mail off a DNA sample (such as saliva), which can be tested for information about medical conditions to which you may be predisposed, such as certain types of cancer. Once you receive this preliminary information, you can speak with your doctor about how to prevent specific concerns.

Mental Health Screenings — May people may be hesitant to pay a psychiatrist if they aren’t sure whether they have a mental health disorder. Fortunately, Mental Health America offers several free online screenings which can provide insight about whether you suffer from depression, psychosis, or another condition. If your screening indicates you a mental health challenge, MHA offers resources to help you address your condition.

Fertility Mobile Apps — Back in the day, couples would have to schedule invasive, expensive exams to get information about their fertility. Now, you can download a fertility app on your mobile device to learn information about your menstrual and ovulation cycles, track data from your annual exams, and receive notifications when irregularities are spotted. You can use this information to predict when you need to go seek medical counsel.

Personal Vision Tracker — Of course, we’re extremely excited and proud of our Personal Vision Tracker, which allows individuals and families to keep track of changes in their vision anytime they want, without having to wait the twelve months dictated by insurance companies between in-person exams. The PVT can even provide measurements you need to order new glasses online, without the need to visit your eye care professional for a prescription.

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